Rosie with CentreFit Shoes

Rosie with CentreFit Shoes Will post more of a story later, for now here are the pictures with a few captions. Rosie, a 17 year old thoroughbred, has been barefoot/booted for at least 5 years. Always had flare if feet were not...

Endurance Flunkie

In the past, reading success stories about endurance riders got me psyched. Lately, I’m ashamed to admit, reading about the success of others is getting me down! Rosie and I have been...

Camas Creek Canter – 2012

Camas Creek Canter – 2012 Camas Creek Canter in Potomac, MT is where I made my 3rd attempt at a 50 after a barely-successful first one (see my Wyoming Pioneer story) and completing only 40 miles of my second attempt due to...

Pioneer Cabin LD – 2011

Pioneer Cabin LD – 2011 Belated short story here. The Pioneer Cabin ride is just outside Helena, MT. I rode the 25 on Sunday, September 25, 2011, with a newbie friend who was having issues with her ankle. We started the...

Dorsey Creek Endurance Ride 2012

Dorsey Creek Endurance Ride 2012 The Dorsey Creek ride, in Otto, Wyoming was my second 50-mile ride attempt, after finishing a 50 miler the year before, also in the Wyoming desert. The first loop was 25 miles, second loop 15 and...

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