Pioneer Cabin LD – 2011

Belated short story here. The Pioneer Cabin ride is just outside Helena, MT. I rode the 25 on Sunday, September 25, 2011, with a newbie friend who was having issues with her ankle. We started the ride late, were late to start the 2nd loop, took it VERY easy, actually walked much of the ride and ended up coming in at EXACTLY 6 hours, but Rosie didn’t pulse down immediately (figured out later she had a stone bruise) and ended up overtime by something like 2 minutes, live and learn!

I really enjoyed this ride though, and hope to do it, or one of the other Helena rides put on by Tri-Arabian, in 2012. It had a nice combination of flat and hills, woods and open range. People were saying the 50 was pretty challenging, even the 25 had quite a hill climb.

There was a good stretch of gravel road, so I’m thinking to put boots on all four feet next time, Rosie looked OK when she finished the ride but ended up with a sore foot the next day. My friend’s horse did fine completely barefoot, but he’s got those tough Arab feet.

The ride is especially scenic when you get to the higher elevations. The chicken and pasta dinner provided at ridecamp was most excellent!

A very pretty woodsy section of the ride:

Higher elevation section. The following photos are by Canyon Creek Images. These are the proofs of the prints I bought. See Canyon Creek Images for complete photos of both ride days.

I love how happy my horse looks in this one.

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